Health and Safety

At Whitehall Electrical Ltd we have been successful over many years at gaining more business and repeat customers because of our exemplary record of Health & Safety. We take Health & Safety very seriously and the process is built into every job and project we complete. Both our electrical and building work is covered by a range of health and safety regulations as part of our membership and affiliation with leading bodies in the Health & Safety industry. We have used this knowledge to expand our services to assist other local businesses with all the requirements of Health & Safety legislation. These include the following:

Workplace Safety Inspections / Audits – Complete and thorough audit inspection of premises and siteworks to ensure that the working environment adheres to current legal requirements. Advice and guidance to complete any changes needed.

Appointed Competent Person Service – Access to an Appointed Competent Service to act as the main point of contact for all health and safety requirements for your work.

CHAS Registration and CHAS Accreditation – Support to become CHAS registered and complete all the requirements around accreditation.

Written Health and Safety Policy - The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires that anyone employing five or more persons must have a written policy, organisations and arrangement for implementing the policy, revise this when needed usually annually and ensure all employees are aware.

Health and Safety Files – Completion and maintenance of all documentation required to be updated and stored for verification and audit.

CDM Coordinator Services – Acting as a CDM Coordinator to ensure compliance with the Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015. Our Whitehall Electrical Ltd Compliance Manager leads our team and day to day work to ensure that we meet and in many cases, exceed expectations of CDM Regulations.

Construction Health and Safety Advisor – Provision of a Health & Safety Advisor for your business operations with specific knowledge of the constructions industry.

Workplace Health and Safety Assessments – On site and premises visits to assess internal and external areas for all staff and contractors working within the company.

Workplace Risk Assessments - Risk Assessments are required by all employers whose business carries an element of risk. The aim of risk assessment is to minimise or remove risk factors during day to day operations.

Portable Appliance Testing – Regular testing of appliances to ensure their safe use in the workplace.

Your business may need assistance with a selection of the above services - we are able to tailor a package of support to suit your legal obligations and your day to day operations. Please contact our Compliance Manager, Mr Mark Bedford for more information about how we can work together.

Electrical Services


At Whitehall Electrical we undertake a wide range of electrical works for both new builds, older property including listed buildings and commercial properties too.


Too many people each year try to carry out electrical work within their home or property without the necessary skills to do so. The UK have enforced strict guidelines that all professionals have to follow for a reason, to ensure all accidents minor and major do not happen. So please do not risk it and get our fully qualified team to do it for you, all to an exceptional standard. No job it too big or too small for our team, it could be PAT testing appliances or simply fixing or adding extra sockets, it will be done in no time.


Please look at the electrical services page of our website, or give Whitehall Electrical Ltd a call on 01206 213457.  You can also leave a message on our Contact Page and we will get back to you.



24 Hour Emergency Callout Available.



Reaching both Suffolk and Essex, our team can now help more people than ever before. Our 24-hour call out service is becoming increasingly popular, so you now never have the worry of going without electric for more than a few hours. We know the tiniest problem most often causes the most havoc. If you are in need of electrical assistance then our team are only a phone call away.